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Tracy Wallace

Cardiac Adviser

I was born in Devon though spent my childhood growing up in Tiptree, Essex (very close to the famous jam factory!). I moved to Bury St Edmunds to do my nurse training in 1988 and my first job after qualifying was on an orthopaedic ward. I did this for about a year then moved to a general medical ward which is where my interest really was.

It was on the medical ward that I started to become interested in coronary care and felt the need to gain more knowledge and specialize in this area. In 1995 I moved to the Coronary Care Unit and did the specialist course in 1996. I have met some wonderful people both in patients and staff and have loved working there. It is a very interesting area to work in and one that is developing and changing all the time as new research is done to bring about better treatment and care for people with heart related problems.

During this time I got married (in 1995) and then had 3 beautiful girls Emily, Anna and Rosie (so my husband has an expensive future ahead of him!) the girls are now ages 11, 8 and 5. Family commitments meant me cutting down my hours on CCU. I always knew that Upbeat existed but didn't really know too much more about it. Then in 2007 Kate Turner asked if I would be interested in working for Upbeat on the Friday evening session on a rota basis. I went along and was so impressed not just by the excellent exercise on offer but by the obvious sense of support and friendship between people. It was fantastic to see people getting on with their lives after a heart attack and looking after themselves, (it was also great to see some that I had looked after in CCU!). I became an instant fan of Upbeat and now find myself promoting it when I am meeting people at work.

Earlier this year it was my privilege to become involved with the Friday morning group, as my youngest daughter was about to start school the timing was perfect! My role as an Upbeat Adviser is to ensure people are well to exercise, taking blood pressures and pulses, giving advise regarding medications and answering any queries that may arise. I may even get on the exercise floor myself (though everyone now knows I am the worst coordinated!!).

I have little free time at the moment as I do spend a lot of time being the taxi for the children but I do like to keep fit with swimming and walking the dog. I also love the garden when I get the chance and have had great tips from a few experts in Upbeat!

Upbeat Heart Support Group - Tracy Wallace
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