Upbeat - Heart Support In West Suffolk

Charity No 1087415
Upbeat Is Affiliated To The British Heart Foundation and Arrhythmia Alliance The Heart Rhythm Charity.

Brian Richell

(Committee Member)

I was born in Boreham, Essex in 1941.
After 10 years schooling, I obtained a 5 year apprenticeship with the Eastern Electricity Board and when I was 21 I became a fully qualified Electrician.
In 1983 I became Landlord of The Anchor Inn, Tiptree. I moved to the Boxford White Hart in 2987 and in 1989 on to The Marsham Arms, Chelmsford.
In 1998, the Brewery raised our rent to a ridiculous amount so I decided that my sell by date was up and I became a full time bus and coach driver – a job I did until 2013m when I had a surprise triple bypass and aortic valve replacement.
After being signed off by the NHS, I joined Upbeat and have not looked back since.
I am a great sport and music lover and apart from my Upbeat exercise, I dance whenever possible.
I consider it an honour to be selected for the Upbeat Executive Committee and will do my very best for you all.

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