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Upbeat Is Affiliated To The British Heart Foundation and Arrhythmia Alliance The Heart Rhythm Charity.

Rodney Johnson

(Committee Member)

I was born, raised, and educated in the Canterbury area of Kent. After school I joined a specialist department of Barclays Bank and stayed with it for 40 years. Whilst we were both working in Truro, Cornwall, Ella and I met and we were married at Bridgwater , Somerset , in 1957. We retired to Bury St Edmunds from Cardiff, South Wales, in 1988. We have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Sadly, Ella died last year.

My heart trouble was found in 1994, a heart attack followed in January 1995 – then a triple bypass at Papworth in the March. Ella came with me to the six rehab sessions at West Suffolk Hospital. Shortly after, at a meeting which was arranged by some earlier rehab members, with help and support from hospital professionals and the B. H. F. [An initiative we must all be grateful for], we became founder members of Upbeat . Thereby becoming part of our, wonderful and expanding network of exercisers, carers, friends and mutual supporters .We joined the Committee at the first AGM and served ‘till 2004 .

I have been astounded by the way Upbeat has expanded since that time and recognise the demands this has put on our organisation, in particular, the workloads of key committee members.

Upbeat was very close to Ella’s heart precisely because of the understanding, support and friendship we received. My hope, in rejoining the committee, is first, to gain an insight into the “who does what“, as I am very conscious that there are many members who do regular jobs which keep our activities going, and second, what I feel is an obligation, to help in securing the future of “our“ Upbeat for us and those who will inevitably follow.

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