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Charity No 1087415
Upbeat Is Affiliated To The British Heart Foundation and Arrhythmia Alliance The Heart Rhythm Charity.

Fundraising And Volunteers

Upbeat is a self help organisation which receives no financial help from outside sources whether they be governmental or part of the NHS. This means to continue to survive, we have to rely on our own fundraising activities and the generosity of our members and supporters with donations.

During the course of the year we run a successful 100 Club which costs members £12 a year which enters them in a monthly draw with two current prize winners of £100 and £74 each and every month. That’s twelve chances a year to win a nice £100 cheque!

Every week we run a Lottery Bonus Ball Draw at each of our sessions, which costs £1 to enter by choosing a Bonus Ball number (1-49) and the ball drawn out on Saturday evenings on TV is the winner and receives £30. Not bad odds and to date we have paid out over £33,000 in winnings whilst raising over £24,000  for Upbeat.

At Easter and Christmas, we have grand raffles and during the course of the year we hold various fund raising events. Over the years these have included such diverse activities as Dances, Concerts, Race Nights, Bowls Tournaments, Strawberry Teas, River Trips, Dinner Dances, Theatre Trips, Day Trips, Quiz Nights, Talks, Lunches, Mystery Coach Tours, Treasure Hunts, Picnics, BBQ’s, Guided Walks etc. The list goes on...

However, we are always looking out for something new and we would like your input. Can you help organise an event? Talk to us and let us discuss how to progress and help you with your ideas.


We are also looking for a fund raising co-ordinator. Someone to oversee events and ensure that all avenues are covered and that the leader has the help and support required to run a successful event.

Lastly, we need someone who can identify, apply and progress Grant Applications. These have been very successful to Upbeat over the years and have helped us to achieve what we have with vital financial support. With all the other responsibilities some of the committee members have, it is time for a dedicated Grant Application co-ordinator to oversee future grants and frankly, the viability of Upbeat’s future. Full support and advice will be available, if required, from the Treasurer, Chairman and Secretary. Contact one of us if you feel that you may have the expertise or enthusiasm to take on this important role. It will not be necessary to become a member of the Executive Committee, if so desired, enabling you to devote your endeavours solely to this one essential function.

Fund Raising Whilst Using The Internet

One easy, simple way to raise money for Upbeat is to use ‘Easy Search’ if you ever use a search engine whilst using the internet. By simply using Easy Search instead of Google you can typically raise £25 a year for Upbeat. It is a free charity search engine which cleverly combines the results of several search providers - Yahoo!, MSN Windows Live Search, Ask.com and many more - easysearch tracks down and displays only the most relevant and accurate results for your search, while helping you raise valuable funds for Upbeat at the same time. Every time you use it, you raise a half penny  for each search. Find out more by using the link or  going direct to: http://upbeat.easysearch.org.uk/

If you purchase items on the internet then ‘Easy Fundraising’ is the link to use. This is again, a free service where you can shop with your favourite online stores and at no extra cost raise funds for Upbeat. You still shop directly with each retailer as you would normally, but simply by using the links from the Easyfundraising site first, each purchase you make will generate a cashback donation to Upbeat.

There are several retailers who will pay donations just for trialling their service. If you then cancel your subscription before a charged period commences, your donation will still stand.

There are also several other retailers who will pay donations if you switch an existing service to them, such as credit cards or phone & broadband services. This again means you pay nothing extra for your donation to apply, and it's also very likely your new provider can reduce your costs and save you money.

Visit http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/upbeat/  to register and shop with over 2000 well known retailers like Amazon, Argos, M&S, eBay and many more. They've helped other causes raise over £2,000,000 so it really does work.

To make it all very easy, use the Find & Remind Tool which tells you when you start to shop which means that Upbeat never misses out on that important donation.
What it does:

  • Alerts you that a donation is available when you start to shop with an easyfundraising retailer
  • Tells you which retailers work with easyfundraising. There are over 2000 retailers on easyfundraising - you might not remember them all but Find & Remind will
  • Shows you all the latest voucher codes and offers at a glance
  • Displays how much you and your cause have raised
  • Lets you search Google or easysearch directly from Find & Remind and highlights which retailers in the search results work with easyfundraising
  • Safe to use - no adware or spyware

Find it at: www.easyfundraising.org.uk/find-and-remind/

With every registration, Upbeat receives 50p

Thank you for your help and support



Feb 2012


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