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Upbeat's New Patrons

Towards the end of 2016 we had a meeting with Dr. Pegah Salahshouri, Cardiology Consultant for West Suffolk Hospital and Papworth Hospital. She was delightful and was full of praise for the service Upbeat gives to heart patients. We discussed the subject of her becoming an Upbeat Patron to which she happily agreed and wanted to know how she could help us. This is fantastic news for us, as this endorsement from such a qualified and experienced cardiologist, will give us extra credence when we are describing the service we offer to possible future members and also particularly to potential funders. We are all delighted that Dr. Salahshouri has come on board, and we will be meeting with her again very soon to see how we can work together to get the best for our members.

At the same time we were also meeting with Daemmon Reeve, CEO of RC Treatt & Co.Ltd the business based in Bury St. Edmunds. You will remember Treatts have been very generous to us in the past and Daemmon has certainly gone out of his way to help us as much as he can. He even asked for donations to Upbeat instead of presents at his recent wedding. What a guy! Daemmon has also agreed to become a Patron to Upbeat. We are thrilled that he has agreed to this 

We thank Dr. Salahshouri and Daemmon for being so enthusiastic for what Upbeat does. This is all very new and we hope in the Autumn issue of the magazine, we will be able to have a few words from both of our Patrons.