Hilary Neaves


Hilary Neaves - Secretary
My secretarial and administrative background has given me the tools to enjoy the secretary's role at Upbeat since 2010. The search for grants has been a major part of my tasks, something which is getting much more difficult each year.
I was brought up in Quendon in Essex and have moved around East Anglia: Stansted Mountfitchet, Royston, Cambridge and Moulton and then on to Hartest for many years as a farmer's wife. I have had a varied work life, staying at home to look after the children for many years, and then going on to various administrative roles.

Upbeat has been part of my partner Giles' and my life since he had heart surgery in 2010. It gave us the confidence to live life again and not always be worrying about the future. The support from the friends we have made has been hugely beneficial and I hope we have repaid that in some way by helping out the group.

We are so lucky, or maybe it is not luck at all. We have all come together with a shared problem and have travelled the road together, caring and concerned for each other. It is because of the kind and considerate and attentive nature of the group that makes it such a wonderful success. Long may Upbeat continue to help and encourage heart patients, with the help of our nurses and instructors

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