Our Strategy

To continue to work and raise money with the objects of our constitution in mind, which are :-

For the relief of sickness among people who have had coronary heart disease and related illnesses, and their carers, within the area of West Suffolk.


To continue to work to Phase 4 guidelines of the National Service Framework for cardiac patients and to include cardio vascular patients. 

1) To employ nursing staff and exercise instructors and to hire appropriate premises for the proper pursuit of this cause.

2) To ensure that staff are properly trained before being employed by us and that we fund any additional training to meet the required standards.

3) To ensure that professional staff have the use of a portable defibrillator at all exercise sessions and that they are offered update training in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and use of the defibrillator as and when required.

4) To ensure that all the required agencies are aware of our work and targeted - Clinicians, Community Nurses, GPs, and secondary based Clinicians. That at least one member of the committee is aware and ensures that this task is fulfilled through attending necessary health meetings, etc.

5) To ensure that lesser agencies - public buildings, dentists, libraries, etc. have our information and contact details.

6) To ensure that members are able to access a centre within a reasonable distance of their home and to consider new areas if numbers reflect the need.


To ensure that members needs are catered for by :-

a) Welcoming new members on arrival, ascertaining their needs and requirements and acting appropriately.

b) Facilitating a lifestyle change by providing opportunities for regular and appropriate exercise.

c) Advising on diet and health through a regular education programme.

d) Helping to prevent social exclusion, especially for older members, by giving peer support through members.

e) Ensuring that defibrillators are available, with qualified operators, at as many events as possible.

f) Enabling any member of the group to participate, if desired, in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training and defibrillator training and subsequent refresher courses. 

g) Giving carers extra support where needed.

h) Continuing to support patients who have been on an eight or twelve week pathway provided by hospital services but who need longer periods of care.

i) Giving support to members who have had CHD for some years but now feel that they need consultations and peer support.

j) Giving consideration to primary prevention through family education.

Additional Support

To continue to support all members with a stated equal opportunities policy.

To continue to issue a bi-annual magazine to be used as an educational and notification tool for all members especially those who, through illness, age, or travel difficulties, are unable to attend regular weekly meetings.

Ensure that a group member is always available to answer queries as a result of this publication.

To constantly be aware of the latest health trends through publications, health meetings, nurse advice, BHF publications and courses and British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation advice.

To continually be aware of secondary prevention in an effort to prevent re-occurrence and unnecessary return visits to GPs and hospital inpatient care.

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