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We need anything silver, gold, old coins, foreign coins, notes and collectables

After the huge success we had with collecting gold our attention is now focusing on silver. We are still collecting gold but I would ask you to talk to your friends and families about donating their broken chains, odd earrings, bracelets, medals, pendants, pocket watches, wrist watches, old photo frames, silver coins. Everything SILVER and GOLD is acceptable no matter what condition.
Teenagers nowadays prefer silver or white gold so maybe your nieces or grandchildren have pieces that they no longer use and would like to donate to Upbeat.

Although we won't get as good a price as we did for gold, everything helps in our quest to maintain Upbeat at the level it is at the moment.

Please keep reminding your families and friends about our success WE NEED THEIR SUPPORT TOO.

The gold collecting began in 2009 with an optimistic target of £1000 and thanks to supporters of Upbeat we have exceeded our expectations with a total of £2,297. Collecting gold is still one of our priorities and although it is hard to part with a piece of jewellery that belonged to someone special in our lives, I would say to you “how special is Upbeat in your life”.

One of my friends gave me a bag with jewellery, coins and a 1914 box which was given to soldiers in World War I. Upbeat members at Sudbury enjoyed finding out the history and contents of these boxes. Apparently one had recently been on the antiques roadshow.
My friend gave me some commemorative coins and various other coins and costume jewellery which brought in some extra funds and whilst researching for best value the ideas kept popping into my head.


These are some of the items which we are pleased to accept to raise funds for Upbeat:-

Old British, America Dollar, and Commemorative Coins
Old Tins (in reasonable condition, the sort grandma kept for her private papers etc.)
Military Cap Badges and Medals
Gold - we would like to keep this going as long as we can
Foreign Coins and Notes. Unfortunately we cannot accept European pre-Euro as there is no market for trading.

I would also ask you to consider other collectables which could be sold to raise funds. Upbeat Heart Support is a growing charity and a valuable asset to helping people with heart problems. We need to continue fundraising to provide good advice and exercise for our members so please give what you can.

Many thanks

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