David Deacon

Committee Member

David Deacon - Committee Member
Despite being born just before the outbreak of the second world war and having a heart attack at the age of fifty nine I consider that I have been a lucky chap.
Lucky to have been born into a loving family in the village of Lavenham, which has been my home all my life.
Our childhood was one of total freedom and intrigue watching the English and American service men all around, lucky to be able to catch frogs, newts and fish in the rivers and ponds, lucky to be able to wander in the harvest fields and watch the ever changing country scenes. Fortunate to learn the trade of plumbing, watching my Grandfather making cart wheels and my father making coffins all of which put me in good stead for a future as a master builder and undertaker, the later of which I still carry on today.

Unlike some of my friends who served in troubled parts of the world, I was lucky to have served my national service in Germany, which added to my education in the great university of life where so much of my learning has been gleaned.

Lucky to have found a soul mate in my wife, Joan which in the fullness of time brought us Jane and Paul our children and two angelic granddaughters. Well most of the time.

Luck ran a little thin on pancake day in February 1998 when I had a heart attack, but good fortune was on my side when the good luck was once again restored, added to by the help and skill of West Suffolk and Papworth hospitals plus triple heart bypass surgery .

Further good luck came my way when I was introduced to Upbeat who have been comfort and great help. Life is not all luck, so in return I try to give something back that’s when I decided to help the group by becoming a committee member.

I wish you all the best possible luck and remember life can be what you make it; luck and good fortune are just around the corner, if we look.

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