Ilva Maxey

Committee Member

Ilva Maxey - Committee Member
I was born 100 yards from the sea in Blackpool in 1942. My parents ran a boarding house and at the time it was full of American airmen, due to the war. After the war, they ran a fish and chip shop for a few years and later back to running a boarding house, as my Dad had suffered ill health.
In my teens I joined our Church Youth Club and was also in the Church Choir and that’s where I met Peter, but we did get together until I was 16 and we were engaged just after my 17th birthday and married on my 20th birthday.

We have two daughters, Tracy and Sheralyne and in 1970, Peter’s job had us moving to London. We bought a house in Chigwell Row, Essex where we lived for 27 years. We were both on the Parish Church Council and helped run the Youth Club. I also joined the Choir and ran a Christian Bookstall in the church for many years as well as starting the ‘Thursday Club’, as we did not have a Young Wives Club.

When both girls started school, I worked as a Book Keeper in Stratford, London. Later I became Book Keeper for our own Company in 1984. We moved to Kedington in 1996 as Tracy had moved there for her work and Sheralyne had emigrated to Brisbane, Australia to marry Roger. Later in 2006, we moved again to Great Barton and lived next door to Tracy & Chris in an annexe Peter built.

We have 5 grandsons – 3 in Australia and 2 next door. I have been a member of Upbeat since 2008 when Peter had his heart attack.

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