Kate Orriss

Cardiac Adviser

Kate Orriss - Cardiac Adviser
I was born in Kings Lynn and moved to Thetford where I grew up. On leaving school I attended a pre-nursing course at NORCAT. On completion of my course I took a full-time job with Sainsbury’s and ended up staying with them for ten years. After this time I applied to do my nurse training as my heart just wasn’t in retail. My mum was a nurse, which I think always influenced me and I’d find her stories really interesting after a day at work.
I started my nursing diploma at West Suffolk Hospital and qualified as a registered nurse in 2001. My first job was working on an acute medical ward. This gave me the good overall experience I needed as a newly-qualified nurse.

A year later a job opportunity came up on the Cardiac Care Unit. I’d always had an interest in cardiac nursing and I’d spent some time on there as a student so I applied and was accepted to the unit. I spent nine years full time on CCU as a senior staff nurse before I took some time out to have my children.

I really enjoyed cardiac nursing. I’ve met many patients and their families and always felt it is a very rewarding job.

In 2011 I left to have my first daughter, Ellie, and to get married to Mark, my husband. Then in 2014 I had our second daughter, Rosie. After a break away I returned to CCU to do some bank night shifts. I’d kept in contact with the cardiac rehab girls and was delighted to hear there was a position available on a Friday evening at Upbeat. I’d always enjoyed the rehabilitation side on CCU.

I love my role as an Upbeat advisor. It’s fantastic to see everyone exercising and keeping well and forming such strong friendships.

I don’t have much spare time as I am kept busy with looking after my girls and watching Peppa Pig but I do enjoy swimming and running and try to keep healthy by my love of cooking.

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