Mandy Scales

Cardiac Adviser

Mandy Scales - Cardiac Adviser
I completed my nurse training in 1972 at the West Suffolk Hospital and during that time, I met my future husband and we married in 1974.
I left the hospital in the late 70’s and worked with my husband in the pub trade before deciding that wasn’t the life for us and we returned to Suffolk where I worked as an industrial nurse prior to giving birth to my daughter in 1981. We also had a son in 1984.

Whilst being a “housewife”, I gained experience working as a community nurse, Marie Curie nurse and as an agency nurse. I returned to the West Suffolk Hospital in 1985 and worked back in the combined I.T.U. / C.C.U. department. In the early 1990’s, the cardiac care unit was separated from the intensive therapy unit where it became a specialty unit on its own and I have been employed on C.C.U. since then. During my time there I have spent time working with the cardiac rehabilitation team, which is how I became involved with Upbeat.

My years of experience of working with patients who have heart disease make me realise the many benefits of cardiac rehabilitation. I enjoy helping heart patients and their families understand heart disease so as to empower them to improve, adapt and enjoy their quality of life.

I am a firm believer in practising what I preach and enjoy keeping fit by cycling, swimming and walking. I also enjoy travelling and continue to strive to learn Spanish!

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