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Maureen Cooling

Exercise Instructor

I was born in East London and worked throughout the City in various merchant banks, both British and American. I worked in what is now called logistics and human resources (admin and personnel); setting up new offices and putting in appropriate personnel. This was done in the City, Mayfair and The Hague.
I changed direction in the late Eighties as I wanted to work near my home in Suffolk, so became self employed and took on training in my passion of physical fitness. Qualifying in 1988, I have had many and varied clients from PCTs to Suffolk County Council and private individuals. My experience ranges from working on orthopaedic wards (helping with Phase III rehab on orthopaedic surgery patients - knee, hand and hip clinics) to setting up and running ‘falls’ clinics (helping people with balance problems). My work with SCC has involved training people with very little knowledge of physical exercise to take on basic induction to help people gain benefit from exercise.

I enjoy Suffolk, working for Upbeat, swimming and, of course, dancing.

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