Skydive 2012 - Fundraising Event

My daughter and myself are going to do a skydive sometime in July 2012, and we would like to take the opportunity by way of a sponsored event, to raise some valuable funds for Upbeat, we will paying for the £400 skydive ourselves, so all the money donated will go directly to Upbeat.

My daughter has done this before, but I have not, I am also very scared of heights, so for me it’s a first, we will be travelling to Beccles to jump with UK Parachuting who are located on the old Ellough aerodrome, the flight up is between 15 and 20 minutes which will take us to a height of 13000 feet, that’s about two miles, it will give us plenty of time to think about what we are about to do, we should also get quite a view from up there, once we exit the aircraft it will be around eight minutes before we finally reach the ground, afterwards we are going to a nearby cafe called posh pigs to celebrate and enjoy a full English breakfast.

The Jump is weather dependent, but we are hopeful we can jump on our first attempt, please support us if you can, sponsorship forms will be available at Upbeat sessions and you can also donate online, please remember to gift aid your donation as this will increase the value of your donation by 25%.

Kind Wishes to all members of Upbeat.
Lisa & Steve Dennington

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